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Happy 2005!  This is the first update to our online family newsletter.

I am still enjoying my position with Harrington Insurance LLC.  I am the Commercial Lines Manager for our three North Shore offices (North Andover, Bradford and Lawrence), and am based in the North Andover office.  My hours (8:30 to 2:30) and commute (half an hour door-to-door) are great, fitting in pretty well with Sean's school schedule!  It's a pleasant working environment, and we are actively growing our commercial lines book of business, which is exciting!  I am currently working with my South Shore counterpart on a procedure manual.  Please see the "Insurance" page for more information!

My Mary Kay business is going well... I've had a lot of support from family and friends, who have held skin-care classes at their homes, and have tried and purchased the products.  Mark continues to be very helpful in my endeavor, both with moral support and with his business and web site design expertise!  Even Sean has participated by designing advertising materials for me on the computer, and helping me practice my skin-care class "routine"!  I've met a lot of great women through Mary Kay - Directors, Consultants, and Clients.  It's a great, flexible part-time business.  Please see the "Mary Kay" page for more information!

Mark's Consulting and Web Site Design business is going well.  He has been instrumental in helping his sister and her husband with their business , and in helping me with my Mary Kay business!  Mark built this beautiful and useful personal web site for me.  Mark has learned many complicated web design programming languages, and can now do "anything you want" on a website.  We are in the research and development phase of our own local online magazine and search engine, which we plan to launch this year. If you want to contribute your ideas to this endeavor please call me.  Please see the "Consulting" page for more information!

Sean is now in First Grade at the Kennedy School.  Sean is in Miss Pearson's class and is reading level H books.  The next level will be Chapter Books!  Sean continues close friendships with David and Jared, and continues to socialize with many kids from kindergarten and T-Ball as well!  Sean has also made new friends in first grade, including Devyn, Matthew, and Kelvin.   Mama and Sean helped out at the Kennedy School Haunted House this year - it was great!  Sean's favorite subject is Gym, and he loves having two recesses every day!  Sean also enjoys doing Harry and the Haunted House on computer day.  Sean had to have some minor surgery on his mouth last summer, so that his teeth will come in correctly.  He has lost a couple more baby teeth since the start of 2005.  Sean has also gained at least seven pounds since his seventh birthday, and is growing tall as well.  We all look forward to playing t-ball again in the Spring! Sean continues to take  Kung Fu lessons at Michael Macaris' in North Billerica...he has his junior purple belt with eight stripes, has learned first and second exercises, and is working towards his solid yellow belt.  

Christmas was wonderful - Santa Clause brought Sean everything he asked for, such as a real electric guitar, and a remote-control air plane.  We had a great New Year's Eve party at our house this year, with over 40 people attending throughout the evening.  Parents and kids had a great time.  We enjoyed wonderful food, had fun and interesting conversations, children played together well, we even had an impromptu rock concert featuring former members of Legacy (Mark Buckley on drums, Michael Norton on guitar, Dave Price on bass, and Don Murphy on vocals).  Mark and Janet attended the Patriots playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts at Gillette Stadium, with luxury suite seating, thanks to Harrington Insurance and J N Phillips Glass.  Of course, the Patriots won, and we look forward to seeing them continue their successful season.  We are all looking forward to a happy, healthy and successful 2005!

Please continue to check this page for updates on our activities!

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