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Family Newsletter 7-18-06

I guess I've been busy – It's July and I am only now getting to the 2006 update! This is the second update to our online family newsletter.

I continue to enjoy my position as Commercial Lines Manager at Harrington Insurance agency LLC. I am based in the North Andover office, but handle commercial lines for our four North Shore offices (North Andover, Bradford Lawrence and Methuen). I also have some additional agency management responsibilities as my boss has taken on responsibilities in other regions. My hours (8:30 to 2:30) and commute (half an hour door-to-door) are great, fitting in pretty well with Sean's school schedule! It's a pleasant working environment, and we are actively growing our commercial lines book of business, which is exciting! We are currently working on a commercial lines marketing/sales initiative to bring in new business to our department. I finished my CIC designation this year, a 5 course accomplishment, and received a scholarship from the 1752 Club for my final course. Please see the "Insurance" page for more information!

My Mary Kay business is going well, I just promoted myself to Senior Consultant, with my first team member, and have won several consistency prizes from both my director and from MK Incorporated. My goal is to have 3 team members by September, which will put me at the Red Jacket level. Mark continues to be very helpful in my endeavor, both with moral support and with his business and web site design expertise! Even Sean has participated by designing advertising materials for me on the computer, and helping me practice my skin-care class "routine"! I've met a lot of great women through Mary Kay - Directors, Consultants, and Clients. It's a great, flexible part-time business. Please see the "Mary Kay" page for more information!

Our Web Site Design and Consulting business is going well. Mark built this beautiful and useful personal web site for me. Mark has learned many complicated web design programming languages, and can now do "anything you want" on a website. In April 2005 we launched our site www.findthebestlocal.com an online magazine and directory for local families! We have several advertisers on the site now.

Sean just completed Second Grade at the Kennedy School. Sean was in Miss Teixeira's class and finished the year reading level Q books. Sean continues close friendships with David and Jarred and Alex, and continues to socialize with many kids from school, baseball, and Kung Fu as well! Sean has also made new friends in second grade, including Joe, Jacob, Corey and Nick. Mama and Sean helped out at the Kennedy School Haunted House again this year - it was great! Sean's favorite subject in Second Grade was Gym, and he enjoyed the new math program! Sean now has braces! It has been an ongoing process to resolve issues with Sean's teeth, and he now has two front teeth!. Sean continues to put on weight, and is growing tall!

Sean played Little League again this spring, on the Athletics, with Mark and Janet coaching. Please visit our new Athletics web site at www.seannathanbuckley.com/athletics/ Sean continues to take Kung Fu lessons at Michael Macaris' in North Billerica, he has his solid purple belt with three stripes and is learning Mantis I. Christmas was fantastic! Sean got Bionicles, Legos, and many Star Wars items! We had a great New Year's Eve party at our house this year, smaller than last year, but parents and kids had a great time. We enjoyed wonderful food, had fun and interesting conversations, children played together well. We took several trips last year, including Cooperstown and New Hampshire, and are looking forward to trips this Summer to New Hampshire and the Cape. We are looking forward to a continued happy, healthy and successful 2006!

Please continue to check this page for updates on our activities!

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