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" Yup, I am loving it. It's great! My favorite thing is the buffing cream with the cleansing gel right after---my tired hands always feel such a boost after getting a good rubdown. "

-L.M., Billerica

" Thank you so much for the great party, advice and the nice gifts you gave out. I had a fun time and I am very excited about getting my new makeup. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed working with you on their makeup. I hope this helps to build some business for you and as always if anyone asks me about the makeup I will refer them to you. Thanks for everything "


" I love my MK products. and I mean LOVE. I have spent the last few years trying to find a blush that I like. I Love the one I got from Mary Kay. I'm finally happy. I'm also happy with the cleanser and moisturizer. Although I'm still struggling with the small acne (nerves I think) - it's really cleared up since using these products. I stopped using my normal dial soap on my face and only use the cleanser. That seems to have helped. "


" Thanks for remembering and sending me an email about it. I can't wait to try them! "

– EA, Bradford, MA


–JS, Billerica, MA

"Hi, Janet, my long-time friend in California I just visited was so pleased with the Satin Hands and other items I sent her for her birthday a few months ago!

"-M.H. Billerica, MA

"Thank you so much Janet, everyone said they had so much fun! The skin-care class went really well and you are so helpful and nice especially offering all those samples. I think you will do really great in this kind of business and I will talk about it to everyone I know and hopefully get you some new contacts. Thank you for everything!

-C.T. Billerica, MA

"Janet, I really liked the sample of liquid eye shadow you gave me."

-T.W. Billerica, MA

"Thank you very much for the Tommy Bahama bag filled with Mary Kay products...It was nice of you to think of me."

-M.T. Billerica, MA

"Janet, I'm so excited for you, your new business...you are going to be SUCH FUN to work with!"

-D.F. Billerica, MA

"This is the best concealer I've ever used...it should last me a year!"

-J.S. Billerica, MA

"Thank you SOOO much!! I was starting to get nervous, I always get soo low and panic!"

-H.S. Dracut, MA

"I absolutely LOVE the Whitney look, and so does Bobbie!  We talked today about her maybe wearing it for her wedding, because it's pretty, but subtle."

-J.H. Manchester, NH